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Homemade sausages with beef and sheep

by JamilaCuisine

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Homemade sausages with beef and sheep


2.5 kg of beef neck
2.5 kg of mutton pulp
sheep intestines
200 g of garlic
dried thyme
sweet Boya


Mix preparation:

Add over both types of meat before chopping:pepper, salt, rosemary, thyme and finally the paprika and mix well. To chop the meat, use the medium sieve of the HV4 . After you have minced the meat, put the garlic, a little water in a electric cooker and grind it very well.
Move the meat into a larger bowl, add the chopped garlic over it and mix the composition very well. To fill the sausages, connect the sausage accessory to the mincer. Put a bowel on the accessory, and at the end of it make a knot and start filling with minced meat, at the end the bowel knots.
After you have finished filling, partially twist the sausages to make individual portions. After that, drain them in a cool place for the membrane to dry. If you want, you can put them in the smoker or in the freezer.

Sausage preparation:
Start the grill OptiGrill + XL , select the sausage function, press OK and let the grill heat up. After it has warmed up, put the sausages and let them cook.

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