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Fresh mussels with pasta

by Adrian Hădean

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Fresh mussels with pasta


fresh mussels
olive oil
garlic cloves
Cherry tomatoes


We start by washing and cleaning the mussels well, then in a pan or saucepan we add olive oil and 2-3 cloves of chopped garlic and a few cherry tomatoes cut in half.

When the garlic starts to brown, add the mussels, put a lid on top and leave them for about 2 minutes. After, add a little wine and mix well. We leave them for a few minutes with the lid on to open well.

Meanwhile, boil the water in a saucepan and add a little salt. When the water starts to boil, add the pasta.

When the pasta is cooked, add it over the mussels and a small portion of the water in which they boiled, then mix well.

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