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Quince-free quince jam

by JamilaCuisine

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Quince-free quince jam


For quince jam:
1.5 kg gutui
lemon juice
200 ml of concentrated apple juice
seeds from a vanilla pod

For the green smoothie:

2 apples
50 g fresh spinach
200 g grapes
a spoonful of honey
250 ml of water
a few sprigs of mint
a lawyer
the juice of half a lemon


For both recipes, we will use the Tefal high speed blender UltraBlend Boost which has 2 different containers , one of glass for hot dishes and one of Tritan for cold dishes.

Add the chopped quinces to the glass container then add the concentrated apple juice, the seeds from a vanilla bean and the lemon juice, after which we select the compote program.

After finishing the program, take the container out of the blender and let the jam cool.

In the Tritan container, add the grapes, spinach, apples cut into pieces, avocado cut into quarters, mint leaves, lemon juice, honey, and finally water.

For starters, we activate the Vacuum function, which will remove all the air from inside the container, the fruit thus preserving its nutrients and color. Then select the Smoothie function and press start.

After finishing the program, detach the container and serve it with pleasure!

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