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Homemade sausages

by Adrian Hădean

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Homemade sausages


8 parts fatter pork
1 part beef
1 part smoked pork bacon
Kitchen salt
Pepper, not very skinny
Black olive paste with truffles
Smoked paprika
Granulated garlic
Hot pepper jam


Choose a good quality meat and a little fatter to get delicious sausages. Select the degree of grinding and chop all the meat and bacon, I used the mincer HV8 Plus .

Mix the minced meat and your favorite spices. I used:salt, pepper - I prefer it not very ground, black olive paste with truffles, smoked paprika, granulated garlic and hot pepper jam.

Form the sausages with the help of the mincer.
Let them mature for 24 hours before serving, for more flavor.

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