These General Terms and Conditions of Use contain information on the rules applicable to the use of the site and the applications made available to the public by the companies within the SEB Group, as well as on the rules applicable to the processing of your personal data.

The notion of SEB Group includes all companies directly or indirectly owned by SEB SA, registered at the Trade Register attached to Lyon under no. 300 349 636, having its headquarters in Chemin du Moulin Carron street no. 112, SEB Campus, 69130 Ecully, France.

In order to accurately determine the entities that are part of the SEB Group responsible for the Site or for the Application used by you, we suggest you consult the Legal Opinion available within the Site / Application.

The SEB group of companies owns many brands, in particular TEFAL (or T-FAL depending on the country), ROWENTA, ALL-CLAD, WMF, LAGOSTINA, MOULINEX, KRUPS, CALOR, SEB, EMSA, OBH NORDICA, KAISER, ARNO, CLOCK, IMUSA, ASIA FAN, MIRRO, MAHARAJA WHITELINE, PANEX, SUPOR. For more information on the SEB Group and its brands, please visit our website

In addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Use, there may be Special Conditions specific to the various Sites / Applications.


What is the meaning of the identified terms?


It means, where applicable, the mobile application, including applications embedded in our connected products.


It means your reviews of our products, including any related videos or photos, that you upload to the Site / Application when this feature becomes available and that are visible to all users.

T&C usage

It means these General Terms and Conditions of Use applicable to the use of the Site / Application.

T&C for sale

It means, where applicable, the General Terms and Conditions of Sale of the products and / or services available on the Site / in the Applications.

Comment (s)

It means any message, text, video, photo that you add on the Site / in the Application, except for the Reviews, visible to all users.


It means any audio and video file, images, texts, information, databases, Brand concepts, logos, technical and graphic solutions, appearance, structure and any other feature, whether or not protected by intellectual property rights, or of existing or future legal provisions, which we have incorporated in the Site / Application and / or which we make available to you on the Site / Application.


It means any text file that can identify you as a customer and save your personal preferences (for example, your language choice) and information about your browsing on our Sites / Applications (including data flow clicks). This term includes cookies and other technical means such as "trackers".


It means the personal data we collect through the Site / Application, i.e. information that can identify you directly or indirectly.

Brand / brands

It means trademarks, logos, trademarks and any other names held by the SEB Group of Companies.

We, ours,

It means the SEB Group of companies or the companies identified in the Legal Notice available on the Site / in the Application.

Service (s)

means, individually or collectively, any service and any functionality related to that service that we offer on the Site / through the Application free of charge or in exchange for a payment.


means, where applicable, this website.

You, yours

It means any natural or legal person who accesses, browses or visits the Site / Application, for professional purposes or not.



Acceptance and modification of T&C usage

By accessing the Site / Application, you agree to be bound by these T&C Terms of Use, as well as any other conditions relating to or relating to them, in effect on the date of access.

If you refuse any of the obligations or conditions contained in the T&C of use, please do not use the Site / Application. We may change, in whole or in part, the Site / Application, Services and / or T&C for use at any time.

The services available on our Sites and Applications are intended for persons 16 years of age or older. We will not collect or process data transmitted by a minor.

How can you use the Site / Application?

We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, inalienable right to use the Content of the Site / Application for the sole purpose of using the Site / Application in accordance with the T&C of use.

In general, you assume the obligation to comply with the T&C of use, as well as with the legal obligations in force.

In particular, you agree to abide by the following rules:

  • Use the Site / Application in good faith and in accordance with its stated purpose;
  • Do not copy in whole or in part, do not reproduce, sell, make available under license, distribute, assign, modify, adapt, translate, produce derivative works, do not decompile, do not reverse engineer , do not disassemble or attempt to extract the source code of the Site / Application;
  • Do not circumvent or compromise the security system or the rules of use of the Content provided, used or applied by the Site / Application;
  • Do not use a virus, robot, software or subroutine system to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of the Site / Application or the use of the Site / Application by another person;
  • Do not post or enter inaccurate or misleading information when using the Site / Application;
  • Do not assume the identity of another person;
  • Do not collect information from other users to use for the purpose of submitting commercial offers or equivalent or to include them in a listing service.

With regard to the drafting and publication of Comments and / or Reviews, you agree to the following:

  • Be polite and respectful of other users at all times;
  • Do not post Comments and / or Reviews that may affect the rights of third parties or our rights, in particular intellectual property rights;
  • Do not post Comments and / or Reviews that may be considered to incite or represent crimes or offenses, incitement to violence, insults, insults, denigration, defamation, racist or revisionist messages, apologies for war crimes, references to the sale of products and / or illegal services of any kind, apologies for acts of terrorism, call for murder or incitement to suicide, pornographic or pedophile content, attacks on the security or integrity of a State or territory, of any kind, without this list being exhaustive;
  • Do not use the Site / Application for the purpose of promoting your personal website / application or for transmitting unsolicited commercial communications ("spam").

Posting Comments and / or Reviews

You can add a Comment and / or a Review on the Site / Application.

We remind you that any Comments and / or Reviews, as well as the information you submit on the Site / Application may be viewed by other users.

The publication of Comments and / or Reviews must comply with the terms of the applicable Moderation Charter, to which you will need to refer.

Any Comments or Reviews that do not comply with the T&C usage will be deleted by our moderator without prior notice and without informing or obtaining permission from the author.

However, we are not responsible for the Comments and / or Reviews available on the Site / Application and we make no express or implied warranties with respect to the Comments and / or Reviews.




Our rights

The content that constitutes the Site / Application, as well as the related rights are owned by the SEB Group including, but not limited to, trademarks, designs, format, structure, concepts, technical and graphical solutions, databases, software and source codes, as well as and the arrangement and location of those elements that make up the Site / Application and the Services and that form the basis of the Site / Application and the Services and / or that are transmitted through the Site / Application and the Services and / or that are available through through the Site / Application and the Services.

Any reproduction, representation, adaptation, modification, publication, transmission, distortion, integration in another site, commercial exploitation and / or total or partial reuse of the Site / Application and / or the Content, through any process and in any environment is strictly prohibited and may constitute a sanction punishable by the French Intellectual Property Code, as well as any other applicable legal provision.

Comments and Reviews

Your rights

Your Comments and Reviews are and remain your property.

You ensure that you have full rights to your Comments and Reviews and, in particular, that they do not infringe the rights of third parties.

We inform you that the Reviews and Comments that you submit online will be incorporated in the database of the Site / Application administered by us.

Our rights

You are non-exclusive assigning the following copyrights to your Comments and Reviews:

  • The right to reproduce, modify, adapt, represent and translate all or part of the Comments and Reviews by any means of current or future recording and in particular on any server or hard disk, in any format and using any known or unknown process or technology on this date and by any means of communication, in particular using the Internet, including third party sites, intranets, printed media or printed media;
  • The right to assign, in exchange for payment or free of charge, the rights granted on the basis of the above assignment, to any third party of our choice, for the above operations.These rights are granted to us for any commercial and non-commercial purposes, for the entire duration of the copyright applicable, at this time and in the future, worldwide.

For example, Comments and Reviews made on our Sites / Applications may be reproduced under your pseudonym on third-party sites to promote our products.



Who is responsible for links to other sites?

The Site / Application may grant access to other websites and / or applications through hyperlinks. We do not manage these sites and applications and we cannot control their content.

Therefore, we cannot be held liable in any case for:

The content and services provided on these third party applications and / or sites; orAny collection and transmission of data, the installation of cookies or any other process carried out for the same purposes, carried out by these sites and applications or Data, hardware, and software security or integrity issues that you may experience and any consequences or losses that may result from using these third-party applications and / or sites.

Your use of these third-party applications and / or sites may be subject to additional terms and conditions that we do not control. The use of third-party sites and / or applications is therefore at your own risk.

Who is responsible for accessing the Site / Application?

We cannot guarantee that the Site / Application is free of technical anomalies, errors or difficulties or that they can be corrected, nor that the Site / Application will operate without interruption or malfunction or that it is compatible with all types of hardware. Therefore, to verify that the Application is compatible with your mobile device, we recommend that you check the compatibility list available in the product information sheet on the Site.

The Site / Application operates on the Internet and on mobile networks that are beyond our control. We are not responsible for the unavailability of the Site / Application or for any difficulty or inability to download or access the Content and Services.

The service may be inaccessible during maintenance, upgrades or modifications. In all cases, we cannot be held liable for interruption of access to the Service as a result of a maintenance, update or modification of all or part of the Service.

We reserve the right to modify, discontinue, suspend or discontinue at any time, for any reason and as we deem appropriate, access to the entire Site / Application or any part of the Site / Application, including Content and Services, without prior notice, in accordance with legal provisions. We cannot be held liable in any case if the Site / Application is not available. Moreover, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently interrupt access to the Site / Application, especially in the event that the activity related to the Site / Application ceases or in the event of a collective insolvency proceeding.

If we are held liable for damage that is not stipulated in the T&C of use, our liability will be limited exclusively to certain, real and direct damages.