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The Tefal Club is much more than an online platform where you collect points and then exchange them for shopping vouchers. It is a place where those who love cuisine find inspiration.

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Collect points by buying any Tefal kitchen product to plug-in, pans, pots and pressure cookers.

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Schimbă punctele cu vouchere de cumpărături pe le vei putea folosi pe pentru a-ți cumpăra produsele prefeate la prețuri speciale.

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Buy a Tefal product from the categories below and enter the voucher. You will thus accumulate points that you can exchange for shopping vouchers on
Only Tefal plug-in kitchen products, pans, pots and pressure cookers can be registered in the Club.



Toasters, coffee makers,
sandwich makers and



Various cooking appliances, grills,
ovens, electric hobs, fryers,
bread machines.



Blenders, juicers,
shredders, mixers, robots
kitchen, grater, knives



Frying pans, pots and pans
under pressure.

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  • eShop Tefal
  • Altex
  • Media Galaxy
  • eMag
  • Flanco
  • Carrefour
  • Auchan
  • Cora
  • Elefant
  • EvoMag
  • MagNET
  • Cell
  • Pc garage
  • Kaufland
  • Selgros
  • Metro


Whenever you enter in the Club a voucher/invoice for purchasing a Tefal kitchen product to put in the socket, pan, saucepan, pot or pressure cooker, 5% of its value is converted into points.

The transformation is done automatically, but the points will be available after validation because we need to make sure that the campaign rules are followed precisely. Because we want to validate correctly, it takes up to 35 calendar days before you can use the points earned. Clarifications may be needed, and then we will contact you by phone, at your account number or by e-mail, at

Yes, they can be used until 31.01.2024. After this date, the points accumulated until 01.01.2023, remaining unused, will be automatically deleted.

The number of points you receive represents 5% of the VAT value of the purchased product, which can be found on the tax receipt / registered tax invoice. For example, if you registered a product with a value of 200 lei, you will receive 10 points. The value of the product will be taken into account after different price reductions have been applied to the product, even if they have been mentioned as a separate line on the invoice.
The number of points we assign is always an integer. If the price of the product includes a fraction between .00-0.49, it will be rounded down. Above 0.5, it will be rounded up. For example, if you have 14.49 points, we will consider 14 points in his account. If you have 14.50 points, we will consider 15 points in his account.

You can enter invoices/tax receipts from 01.01.2023 – 31.12.2023 to accumulate points, until January 7, 2024 and you can exchange them for shopping vouchers anytime until January 31, 2024. But, if you have collected the necessary points, you can claim vouchers at any time during the year.

After entering the receipt / invoice on the site, we do a manual check for awarding points. This check assumes that we look carefully if the receipt is legible, if the products entered are part of the campaign, if the past price (to be converted into points) is correct. Additional information may be needed (for example, vouchers are not legible), in which case we will contact you with the request to resend our image to the email address . We make this assessment to make sure that the regulation is followed exactly. By survey, we reserve the right to verify the validity of the purchase with the retailer (including if it has been returned). Therefore, the validation of the registration can take up to 35 calendar days.

The validation of the tax receipts / invoices registrations and the awarding of points will be done within a maximum of 35 calendar days from the date of their registration in the Campaign. If we do not need additional information and checks, the points will be visible in your account within a few days of registration. In the event that we need information from you, we will contact you by e-mail sent from to provide it to us. If we do not receive a response from you within a maximum of 3 business days from the date of sending the e-mail, we will be required to invalidate the registration. If checks with the retailer are required or the information submitted is insufficient or legible, validation may take up to 35 days from the date of registration.

The name and surname of the account holder in Club Tefal must be identical to the name and surname on the invoice.

If you encounter technical problems on the Club Tefal platform (for example: you are unable to create an account or you are unable to upload the invoice to the website), we suggest you contact us at the email address .